If Chapel Hill (CH) was not here who would miss the church and why? First, I would miss the church. Notice I said the church. Not just the pastors, but the person who greets me at the front door, the smell of the coffee as I enter the building, the smiles from everyone that says hello, seeing all the familiar faces as I enter the sanctuary. I would miss the sound of Rich’s piano music, the soothing voice of Pastor Jennifer as she welcomes us and settles us into prayer. I would miss the landscape of our congregation glued to the pulpit as the pastor (whether you, Jim, or whomever) giving the message of the day. I would miss the reminders I receive that I am a loving child of God. Personally, our family has come to the church in crisis and received support.


Even more important I would miss seeing the impact that CH has on our community. Whether it is allowing the Boy Scouts to serve God and Country in our facility, our youth gathering and supporting one another, our Kids Day in Christ and the opportunities this program brings to our families, our pre-school and the lasting impact CH has on these children for a lifetime, how our building is used for counseling sessions, or how our kitchen is used to feed families. And not to forget the significant influence and impact CH has had on the Planeview community. Again the list goes on.


CH would leave an empty hole in our community and in my heart especially. Thanks for inviting the opportunity to share.


How would you answer that question? If Chapel Hill ceased to exist, who would miss us and why? Please send your answer to Pastor Jeff at jgannon@chwichita.org