Chapel Hill Youth Discipleship

Youth Discipleship

Youth today are constantly being formed by the world around them. They are picking up narratives about themselves, others, and God. It is our goal here at Chapel Hill to love and guide our youth towards the narratives the Bible teaches about those things. We know how important it is to show how much we care before how much we know. That is why relationships are a crucial part of our ministry. We hope to walk with our youth and for them to know they are not alone on this journey of faith and life.

It is our hope that our youth will begin creating their own personal relationship with God, gain a greater understanding of scripture, and experience the joy of the Gospel in their everyday lives.

We hope that our youth will live knowing that they are someone in whom Christ dwells and delights!

Middle School, 6th-8th

Middle school can be a weird time. The endless energy and constantly learning new things. We like to combine the two! Here at Chapel Hill we will always have time for fun games but also take the time to talk and learn about many subjects.

In our middle school youth group, we will begin to look at what faith is. We cover the entirety of the Bible and also take time to discuss different topics. This is a place where questions are encouraged!

We hope to build a firm foundation during middle school. One of the hopes is that by the end of middle school our youth are able to navigate the Bible. We also hope that they have been able to start thinking critically about faith and begin asking questions. In doing so hopefully they will create a faith of their own.

High School, 9th-12th

High School is an overwhelming time. It is a time of fitting in, finding purpose, and the beginning of answering the question “Who am I?”. It is because of these complex and real feelings we hope to create a safe space to grow and to learn. Here at Chapel Hill we want to be involved in our youths’ lives and do life with them, during the good and hard times.

Our goal for the high schoolers is to nurture them to become disciples and faith leaders. Sunday mornings we offer a Discipleship class, for upper classmen who want to go deeper in their walk of faith, and who want to learn how to mentor others in their own faith journeys. The upper classmen are encouraged to participate in many activities with the middle schoolers, where they are able to develop leadership skills, that will carry on beyond their high school years.

We hope throughout the youths’ time at Chapel Hill they are able to process why they believe what they believe. In addition, we hope that they leave with a greater grasp of the story of the Bible, and the ability to share their knowledge with other youth. The ultimate goal is to not only leave having more knowledge about scripture and Jesus, but to know, confidently, that they are living each day in the unshakable kingdom of God.

Weekly Youth Newsletter:

Leader of the Youth Ministry Leadership Team 

Chris Tillison

Chris and his wife, Diana, have been attending Chapel Hill since 2005. Their children, Anna Kate and Alex, were both involved in the youth ministry, from 2008 to 2019. Walking alongside the youth, on their faith journey, is a true joy for Chris. Chris also works as a healthcare architect and enjoys playing tennis and golf. He is a graduate of Wichita East High and Kansas State University.

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