Courageous Conversations

Dream 1 “Being Connected”

Exodus 25:10-22

Dream 2 “The Blue House”

Genesis 28:10-22

Dream 3 “The Secret Place”

Job 30: 16-23

Dream 4 “The Beautiful Place”

Isaiah 2:1-4

Dream 5 “The Penthouse”

Ephesians 1:3-14

Dream 6 “The Test”

1 Peter 4:12-19


With Fr. Rolheiser

Near Death Experiences?!

With Fr. Spitzer

Is Evil Real?

With Fr. Vince Lampert

How can a Good and Loving God Send People to Hell? with Rev. Adam Hamilton

Follow-up Q&A With Rev. Jeff Gannon

Science or Faith or Both? with Dr. Se Kim

Follow up Q&A with Dr. Se Kim

What’s In it For Me? Why Should I Want to be a Christian? with Rev. Dr. James Bryan Smith

Follow Up Q&A with Rev. Dr. James Bryan Smith

If God is Good, Why do People Suffer in This World? with Paul Young

Follow Up Q&A with Paul Young