Who and Would They Miss Us?

These are some of the mission areas that I have become aware of in my 3 1/2 years at Chapel Hill:

Who?  Children in our Community

  • We provide a location for the Boy Scout troop to meet
  • We provide Christ-Centered learning opportunities through our Preschool, KDIC, and Vacation Bible School
  • We provide a fun and safe location for them to celebrate Halloween with our Trunk n Treat

Who?   Wichita Poor and Homeless

We provide resources and volunteers at Open Door where the people can get clothing,  food and shelter.

Who?  The Marginalized in our Community

We provide an inclusive, welcoming place for all to worship –  regardless or race, sexual orientation, financial status, spiritual background. etc. and without any pressure for people to become members at CH.

Who?   The Grieving

  •     We will provide funerals if requested to people who are not members of CH.  (Thanks, Pastor Jeff!)
  •      We provide hospitality/meals to the deceased family and friends before/after a service.

Who?   The Victims of Disasters

  • We provide volunteers who physically help victims of disasters with their damaged homes and neighborhoods.  Our Conference is known for our expertise and we are called in early to help.
  • We contribute financially to major disasters.

Who?  Planeview

  • We were instrumental in helping get Hunter Health Clinic and The Lord’s Diner located in Planeview.
  • We support a small Spanish-speaking Lutheran congregation at Brookside.
  • We have volunteers who have helped at Colvin and Jardine.
  • We are present at Neighbor Night Out and Cleanup days at Planeview.
  • Our Blessing Tree program provides Christmas gifts to children who would not have presents if not for us.
  • At the start of each school year, we provide backpacks full of supplies for Colvin and Jardine students.
  • We have donated coats and school uniforms to those in need.

Not all of the people will know that the contributions and support have come from Chapel Hill and that is OK.   However, we know that our commandment from Jesus is to love one another as he loves us.  There are so many opportunities for us to work and focus beyond our four walls!