The community garden is a space of life, creativity, God’s beauty and community. Established 6 years ago, the garden has welcome visitors, volunteers, and harvesters of all ages and abilities. Every season brings new ways to help. As we prepare for Spring, in the fall and winter, we need help tilling in new compost and creating a rich and nutrient dense soil for our new plantings. There are always opportunities for youth, students, Zoe groups, Scouting groups and classes to volunteer and contribute. Pastor Lisa is available to schedule a visit to the garden during all seasons for lessons in garden theology and a fun and interactive learning experience. As the seasons progress, you are encouraged to gather with small groups or Zoe groups at the garden, gather and harvest together, prepare meals and snacks and truly taste and see that the Lord is good. All are welcome.  Text the Rev. Dr. Lisa Wiens Thompson at 316.832.5858 to volunteer.