Chapel Hill One Board

The overall operations of the church are overseen by an executive committee of lay leaders referred to as a One Board structure. The board meets monthly with the senior pastor to review the financial health of the church, update the results or progress of current programs, and make decisions on future plans and expenditures for the church.

Dan Bennett as board chairman leads the board and chairs the monthly meetings. Terri Guthrie serves as vice chair, and Mindi Chance supports the board as secretary documenting the minutes of every meeting including board votes.

The board has subcommittees who assist the senior pastor and staff with their expertise in these three important areas: Personnel, led by Cindy Poulson, Finance & Accounting led by Tyson Hirt, and Facilities Maintenance led by Larry Van Dyke.

Additional board members include Karl Childs, Craig Highfill, and Mike Shockley. The board members are divided into three classes, and each class serves a three-year term which allows the board stability and continuity while injecting new members and fresh ideas annually.