St. Arbucks Chapel- March 23, 2022

By Rev. Rod Thelander

GOD, THANK YOU! I thank you dear Lord, for always being with me. But I am especially thankful that YOU are WITH ME …right now! Help me to go through this day with a clear and focused awareness that YOU are WITH ME!

GOD, LET YOUR HOLY SPIRIT ANOINT ME FOR THIS DAY! God, help me today to receive a fresh anointing of Your Holy presence and power in my life. Sharpen my mind, stir my heart, and strengthen my spirit that I might sense YOUR presence living in me and working through me.

GOD, HELP ME PLAN MY DAY WITH YOU! I thank you God for Your purpose and plan for my life. Help me this day to walk hand in hand with YOU. As I plan my day and walk through it, may I be sensitive to Your leading. You have promised to direct my steps and I claim that promise for this new day! Lead me in the way everlasting!

GOD, LET ME BE POSITIVE AND THANKFUL TODAY! God, there is so much negativity in the world today. And it is even in the church. People are hassled and hurried and this causes them to be edgy and insensitive to others. I choose to focus on the good and to be thankful! Help me to walk slowly through this day and to smell the beautiful roses along the way. Help me to be a calm presence in the midst of all the chaos!

GOD, FORGIVE ME FOR THE TIMES I FALL SHORT! God, I am so human and I know that I often “miss the mark” of Your good, perfect and pleasing will. You know my heart and my desire is to walk in total and complete obedience to YOUR WILL and YOUR WAY. Please forgive me when I allow myself to say and do things that are not pleasing to You. Help me to love and forgive others as You have forgiven me!

GOD, STAY CLOSE! Father, Son and Holy Spirit … I love You, I worship You, and I adore You! As I walk through this new day I ask that you will draw me close and remind me that YOU are a friend who sticks closer than a brother! You have promised that YOU will never leave me or forsake me. YOU are the GOD of my life. Keep me close and do not let me stray from YOUR presence!