Chapel Hill celebrates its 25th anniversary on October 25 by unveiling a new mobile-friendly website, a new logo, and an online sermon dedicated to three components of its mission: welcoming all people, experiencing the grace and love of Jesus Christ, and sharing the grace and love of Jesus Christ.  During his sermon, Pastor Gannon also talked about the church’s ten-year commitment to the Planeview community and all that had been accomplished over the years including a partnership with Hunter Health Clinic to build an indigent clinic, a partnership with the Catholic Church to build The Lord’s Diner – a non-profit soup kitchen to feed the hungry, partnerships with the school district to provide school supplies and clothing, the sponsorship of a Hispanic church that serves the area and annual clean-up days.  He also told of the church board’s recent decision to commit to making a difference in the area for another ten years.  At the end of his service, Pastor Gannon challenged the congregants to practice the mission in specific ways over the next 25 days. Church membership is now 1,185.