About: Theological and practical implications for honoring the Body of Christ and honoring God’s creation in our human flesh. We offer educational tools, supportive outreach and hope to touch every area of the church ministry because honoring God’s creation is a call to live out in every aspect of our ministry.

Christ’s life, death and resurrection are the core of ‘Body Theology’ which is the framework of our ministry. We are encouraged to welcome all people because we are all God’s creation and in such, it is our responsibility to honor not only our own bodies and selves but the bodies and whole selves of others. We do this most successfully when we understand that God’s grace and love through Christ has allowed us to do this.

To honor the body of self and other is not easy in our society today. We hope that as habits and language change as one relates to their own self and others, that the presence of God’s love is known and experienced.

We are God’s creation in flesh. Honoring who we are in body, mind, and spirit offers glimpses into God’s love for us and the magnitude of who God is.

God’s love for all of us is filled with grace that redeems and resurrects, despite our ailments, our brokenness, and our pride. Health and wholeness is not restricted to a certain bill of health, toned muscles or a number on a scale, allowing people the grace to know and understand that is redemptive. In the same breathe, it does not mean that within our brokenness that we stop working toward honoring ourselves and others, It is essential to understand God’s love for us.

Population Served:  We serve everyone within the Chapel Hill community

Activities Offered:  Throughout the year we offer retreats, classes, special events, and educational resources.

How to get involved:  Come to a meeting, join us for one of our events or classes, contact the church office, or click the button below and fill out the volunteer to serve form.