Zoe Groups are small gatherings of adults who meet at home or church each week for spiritual formation, discipleship and community. Chapel Hill highlights the Lent season with a new launch of Zoe groups. Zoe groups are disciples of Christ who meet in small numbers for spiritual formation at Chapel Hill and in their own homes. Groups study, learn, worship and pray together. Most of all, they listen and minister to each other’s needs, from mundane to spiritual. During the Spring Lenten Season for 2019 The groups will be studying The Kingdom and the Cross by James Bryan Smith. The groups will meet for seven weeks beginning the week of February 24 and ending the week of April 14 assuming a break the week of March 10-16 for Spring Break.

Please e-mail Abigail Cook for more information or sign up for a Zoe group online.

Zoe Group Meetings

Groups meet seasonally, generally from September through November and from January through May.  Some groups follow their own schedules and decide to continue meeting during summer as well. Nursery for ages birth through PreK is available for groups that meet on Wednesday evenings at Chapel Hill.

Want to Join a Group?

If you’d like to join a Zoe Group, contact the church office at 316.684.1117 or office@chapelhillwichita.org.

About Zoe groups

Zoe groups meet in small numbers for spiritual formation in members’ homes. Under the guidance of group leaders, who receive training from pastoral staff and clergy-in-residence, groups study, learn, share, worship and pray together. Most of all, they listen and minister to each other’s needs, from mundane to spiritual. Named after the New Testament Greek word ζωή, signifying an active life with God, Zoe groups evoke both the practice of Christ’s early followers and the class meeting described by Methodist founder John Wesley.

Zoe Inspirations

I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in the darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

So, how is it with your soul? The class meeting is about knowing Jesus, being in Christ, being in an active and transformative relationship with the triune God. – John Wesley

By God’s design, the spiritual journey is to be shared. Christianity is very personal but never private or it isn’t distinctively Christian. I am really excited about the Zoe groups because they provide the opportunity to share life together! We do not want to be a church with small groups but a congregation of small groups. There is a huge difference!  – Rev. Jeff Gannon, senior pastor